Meet at the Mart - Interior Design Assistance

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Meet at the Mart - Interior Design Assistance


The world-renowned Merchandise Mart of Chicago, Illinois has become the interior design one-stop-shop of the industry.  With hundreds of top design showrooms, it is easy for a homeowner to become overwhelmed. 

Meet with an interior designer for a morning to guide you through the building, and most importantly, through selections that will fit with your home.  

This service includes the cost of travel and parking for the designer.  

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This is a residential offer only.  If you need assistance with commercial interior design selections, please request more information here.  

This offer includes 4 interior design hours at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, IL for one day only.  The purpose of this visit is to guide the client through Merchandise Mart showrooms that are in line with their interests and assist the client in coordinating selections only.  **The designer is not responsible to determine quantities for the client, measurements, code restrictions, budget restrictions, or the like.  

This offer will be a pre-scheduled date agreed upon by the client and HK Commercial Interiors, LLC.  This offer does not include any other services or meetings beyond the date of this service.  If further assistance is needed, please request services here.  

This offer does not include the purchasing of any materials.  The client will be expected to make any desired purchases directly through each vendor at retail cost.  Selections are limited to the following:  Furnishings and fabrics, decorative lighting, decorative flooring, materials for window treatments (designer is to coordinate colors and patterns only, window treatment measurements not included), wall finish colors, and accessories.  Upon the completion of the 4-hour meeting, the designer is not responsible for any further selections.  The designer is only required to assist with selections that can take part within the 4-hour time frame.  If further time is needed for incomplete selections, the client may request another meeting purchase here.  

If your project is moving quickly and your dates are not flexible, please request designer availability here before purchasing this service.  Meetings are typically scheduled 2-4 weeks in advance, depending on designer availability.

Full payment must be made before the start of the meeting.  

Before meeting, please provide:  

-15 photos of interiors you are interested in

- Existing interior photos, room measurements, ceiling heights, and an itemized list of what you are looking to purchase

- Provide a list of items that must stay within the space, and provide photos of each item

- Have an understanding of budget you wish to maintain.  This will be important as it will determine the showrooms visited.